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Avoid The Hassle Of Glasses

Continuously taking your glasses on and off can be a hassle.  When you switch from glasses to contacts, you have a quick and easy insertion or removal once a day, once a week or once monthly, depending on the type of contacts!”  When you decide to purchase contacts, Dr. Norman will fit them to your eyes and have you test drive them for a few days.  If you enjoy them, then you make a purchase.  It’s our way of ensuring your happiness.

Dr. Norman fits the following contact lens types:
  • Soft contacts (daily, 2 week, monthly)
  • Soft bifocal/multifocal contacts
  • Soft toric contacts for astigmatism
  • Gas permeable contacts
  • Gas permeable bifocal contacts
  • Gas permeable contacts for astigmatism
  • Colored soft contacts
  • Colored gas permeable contacts
  • Bandage contacts for eye injuries
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Our Most Common Contact Brands